4 Steps To Building Authentic, Sustainable And Winning Teams Every Time

openplaybook leaders Aug 12, 2021

Great leaders exponentially multiply their results by motivating great teams to drive exceptional results. 

OpenPlaybook shows you 4 key elements that great leaders understand about themselves and embody as leaders to attract, develop and retain great team members that drive exceptional results:

  1. Understanding what you have to offer -- Leading with Authenticity
  2. Understanding where what you have to offer will be needed
  3. Understanding what type of team members will strengthen the team
  4. Understanding what you can offer your team to inspire them to excellence

Master these 4 steps and you will become the great leader that builds authentic, sustainable and winning teams every time.

See my article in Brainz Magazine (link below) for a detailed discussion of how.

July 20, 2021 Brainz Magazine Article

What Playbook Were You Given?

Authentic Organizational Leadership is driven by the application and mastery of the 3 interrelated playbooks.

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